Wednesday, April 26, 2017

St. Patrick's Day and Easter

Every year I host a St. Patrick's Day party, actually, I host two; one for my friends on Friday or Saturday night and then one for my family on Sunday.  This year I started the party at 5:00 since so many of my friends have children.  The kids were all gone at 9 and I thought it must have been 11, turns out it was only 9.  Clearly, I'm getting old.  The adults without children stayed 'til nearly midnight and it was a good time.  Per usual I made too much food.  I was going to post pics of it when I realized I didn't take a single picture!  Nor did I take any pictures the next day at my family party, so you'll just have to take my word when I say we had lots of festive stuff--green veggies, fruit arranged like a a rainbow, St. Pat's trifle, potato skins, green cupcakes, shamrock cookies for the kids to decorate, green punch, and potato soup.

I did a little better with the Easter picture taking.  In fact, I'm writing this blog on Easter, but it won't post for a few days since I also need to finish blogging about my cruise!  Easter morning, we got up at  8 and somehow got ready and made it to church by 8:50 and actually got seats (church was at 9), then home to cook/prep and get ready for everyone coming for brunch at noon. By some miracle, it was gorgeous outside today.  Some years we've had to hide eggs for the nephews in the snow, but not this year.   I made deviled eggs, monkey bread, fruit salad, salad, pancakes, rolls (well, I bought the rolls, just had to bake them) and scrambled eggs.  Other people brought:  mashed potatoes and coffee cake.  Every year my mom makes a bunny cake, but she mixed it up this year  and made a sheep cake (it was a little smaller than the bunny cake so I guess that's good, less leftover.  It was good, even though the bunny was a tradition for so long.)  I also made an Easter trifle.    Hope you had a nice Easter!

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